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    The goods will be shipped with the utmost care so quickly prudence allows. We use Bussgods, because it is the most price effective at the moment, unless otherwise agreed.

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    We are very concerned about our customers and therefore are usually available on the phone, we would not be able to answer so leave a message and we will call as soon as possible.

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    To buy by invoice, you must enter your Social Security number or company. You are over 18. Invoice payment terms are 14 days.

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We have closed for the summer Saturdays until August!

Sport for all purposes, amateur and elite.


Sport for all purposes, amateur and elite.


We provide all kinds of sports products. You can create an account and you will be able to shop, see your order status and have an overview of your previous orders. You can also save your shopping cart and wish list for later.

Asics Japan Litening 4